Plastic Surgery From A Board-Certified Surgeon

October 20, 2018

Why should you search for “board-certified plastic surgeons near me?” Learn why board-certification in plastic surgery is important.


Learning About Your Breast Implant Options

October 10, 2018

Learn about your breast implant options, and why you should do your research before scheduling a consultation.

Loving Your Body: Breast Implants and Self-Esteem

September 20, 2018

Loving your body doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change it. Learn how breast implants can change your life for the better.

The Future of Breast Implants: Comparing Options with Dr. Russell Babbitt

September 10, 2018

How does the IDEAL IMPLANT® fit in with the other breast implants available? Read how it compares and how your surgeon can help you pick the best implant.

Dermal Fillers and Botox 101: Facial Rejuvenation Simplified

May 28, 2014
In this article I hope to shed some light on facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers and Botox injections. I have found that patients really benefit from a better understanding of how fillers and Botox work, as well as the importance of who is doing the procedure. In the right hands, these treatments are an extremely effective and affordable way to achieve a more youthful, refreshed and relaxed appearance.  So what are "Fillers"...

Choose your cosmetic surgery provider wisely!

May 26, 2014
Would you let your dermatologist remove your gallbladder or deliver your baby? Would you get on an airplane if you knew that the person flying it was a helicopter pilot who just took a weekend course to learn to fly a plane? Of course not! Then why would you go to a gynecologist or emergency medicine physician for cosmetic surgery?

Are you considering cosmetic breast surgery?

May 22, 2014
Cosmetic breast surgery is one of most popular fields within the practice of Plastic Surgery, including breast enlargement (augmentation), breast lifts (mastopexy), and breast reduction. When performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, these operations can be a wonderful way to improve your confidence in your appearance in and out of clothing, redefine your figure, and, in the case of breast reduction surgery, relieve neck and back pain and improve your mobility.

You may be unhappy with your breasts for many reasons. You may feel...

If you or a loved one are considering plastic, reconstructive, or cosmetic surgery you are already aware that these decisions can be extremely challenging. There is a lot of information out there, and it can be hard at times to know where to turn. At Plastic Surgery of Southern New England, our surgeons and staff welcome the opportunity to help you in this process. Whether your goal is to improve your appearance through cosmetic procedures or to repair damage related to cancer, trauma or birth defects, we make your safety, comfort, and privacy our number one priority.