What Makes Ideal Implants So Ideal?

When you come into our office for your initial breast augmentation consultation, we won’t just do an exam and answer questions for you, but we will also go over the different options that we have for you as far as the type of implant that you want.

For years it used to be that there were only two type of implants for patients to choose from: saline and silicone. But, we are so excited to now offer a new type of implant called the Ideal Implant.

What’s the Ideal Implant?

One of the things that patients continuously run into when deciding between saline and silicone is that they like the idea of saline because it’s more natural, but they like silicone because it feels more natural. These things made doctors come up with an idea to give patients the best of both worlds: the Ideal Implant. The Ideal Implant is an implant that’s completely made of saline, but it is structured with different implant shells and chambers which helps to give patients a more natural feeling implant. Plus, the structure of the implant reduces folding, wrinkling, rupturing, and deflation.

What Are the Benefits?

Ready to take a look at the long list of benefits of the Ideal Implant?

  • The Structured Implant Prevents Ruptures
  • Safety of Saline
  • No MRI’s Needed to Detect Ruptures
  • Smaller Incision
  • Easy to Remove
  • No Risk Of Silicone Gel In Tissues
  • Feels Natural

When you look at the long list of benefits of he Ideal Implant, it’s no surprise that more and more women are choosing this option. Are you ready to learn some more? Contact us at our Fall River office at (508) 567-3202.

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